Process Consultants

Business Process

Join the Agile movement and adapt your business policies and processes to make them more effective and responsive to changing circumstances.  Our services include As-Is and To-Be process reviews, documentation, training, planning and implementation - using expertise and involving both people and systems.

Agile and Scrum Coaching

We will guide you through selection of the best practices that work for you, building a bridge of understanding between you and your stakeholders be they clients or executive management.  Our services include creating processes, training, mentoring.

Software Design and Architecture

Design: Learn how and when to apply Agile design practices such as Iteration Modeling, Model Storming, Test-driven development, Continuous Integration, and Refactoring.  These practices increase product quality and shorten time to market.  Architecture: Learn best ways to incorporate privacy, security, and DEVOPs requirements. Our services include training, coaching, and implementation support.

Project Management

The roles of product and project management need to adapt when transitioning to Agile processes. We bridge the gap between traditional PMOs, Stakeholders and Agile development teams.  Our services include mentoring, assessment, and adopting best practices of PMI and ITIL to your mission and environment.

Requirements Analysts

Whether defining requirements for a proposal, SOW, Product Backlog, or Sprint feature, you will be most successful if these are developed just-in-time, adapted to best-fit the need, meet S.M.A.R.T. goals, and leave little room for incorrect interpretation. Our services include assessment, review, recommendations, and requirements development.